Meet Tara

Hi, I'm Tara! I have always been drawn to the arts - even from a young age. My artistic talent comes from my mom, who is very creative and has encouraged me to explore a variety of artistic media from a young age. My perfectionist, sometimes "Type A" side, comes from my dad, an engineer, who has always encouraged me to push myself and challenge myself with anything that I pursue. He instilled in me that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. While these two sides often seem to oppose each other, I would argue that they also go hand in hand to create something unique... my husband may argue that point even stronger than I do... but I digress. I graduated Cum Laude from Winthrop University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Interior Design. I had been encouraged to find a practical application for my artistic talent, and I do love the structured creative outlet that design offers. Upon graduation I pursued a career in interior design, and I enjoyed it... but I was doing photography on the side and still wishing I had more time to paint. I had the opportunity to paint a couple of commissions through the firm that I worked for and when my husband came home and saw me beaming, covered in paint, and so excited about what I was creating, he insisted that I should be doing more of it! Over time, I realized that I needed a business that allowed me to pursue ALL of my artistic talents, rather than just one. And with that, Tara Davis Studios (plural - because I have multiple interests) came to be. Over time I have narrowed my focus primarily to oil painting and photography. Having said that, if the right creative opportunity presents itself, I still have trouble saying "no".